Enough Food

Feb 8, 2019 by Ruth Alkema

Powerful Voices for Change

                                          As a wife and mother, Saem worked hard to raise her children and to provide for them. In addition to tending to her rice field near her home, Saem traveled outside of the village to her plot of corn during the harvest season.

Aug 5, 2018 by Bethany Cok

Passionate Individuals Invested in their Community

MEXICO Hello, everyone! It’s been a busy couple months here at the World Renew Guatemala office — but then again, it nearly always feels that way! Sadoc and Adolfo spent several weeks in July traveling to conduct partner evaluations with two of our partners in Petén and in Huehuetenango.

May 31, 2018 by Edward Okiror

Tent Makers: A Pastor Sets An Example

UGANDA - “I’m a pastor and I don’t want to be a burden to my fellow Christians,” says Pastor Erupu Silver. “I have purposed to be creative and be an example as a Christian leader. As the apostle Paul said in First Thessalonians 2:9, ‘Surely you remember, brothers and sisters, our toil and hardship; we worked night and day in order not to be a burden to anyone while we preached the gospel of God to you.’ This verse is an inspiration to me as a man of God.”

Mar 25, 2018 by Daniel Lepp Friesen

What "Enough" Means

(SIERRA LEONE) Farming is what most people do in northern Sierra Leone, where Fatima Mansaray and her family live in the village of Bendukura. In between the growing seasons, Fatima and others in her village buy and sell basic goods to keep earning income.

Mar 5, 2018 by Faye Yu

Seeking Lasting Solutions

I was able to visit with Nasoweka Thungo and her children recently, and I wanted to share an update with you about how they are doing. As the Free A Family® representatives for Southern Africa, their reality can give you a glimpse of what life is like for many families in this area of the world.

Jan 3, 2018 by Tom Post

Land Justice in Laos

“They will die if they are forced to move to the lowlands. Our purpose is to prove that life can be full and healthy for the people of the mountains of Laos.” Over the last decade, Mike Fennema, Country Consultant for World Renew in Laos, and over 40 Lao national staff and seconded staff of various nationalities have faithfully worked to improve land security and the quality of life of the vulnerable people groups in the districts of Phongsaly and Xiangkhouang.

Jun 20, 2017 by Andrew Gwaivangmin

Improved Livelihoods through Creative Enterprise in Sierra Leone

During last year’s harvest, as other farmers grumbled about low yield, Mustapha Fofana hoped for a bumper rice harvest. Mustapha had reason to hope: last year he harvested 180 bushels! “I used to grow just enough rice for my household to eat. But now,” he says proudly, “I can keep some and sell the surplus to pay my children’s school fees, buy school supplies, pay family medical bills, and meet other household needs.”

May 2, 2017

Change the Story of Poverty

Together with you, World Renew is equipping men, women, and children to change their stories of hardship into testimonies of hope.  Join us in Changing the Story, so that communities can achieve...

Apr 21, 2017 by Jenna Griffin

Earth Day 2017

Today, World Renew joins over one billion people around the globe in recognizing Earth Day, a celebration of the beauty and wonder of creation and a demonstration of support for environmental protection. World Renew is committed to advancing practices that improve the lives of those who are in need while protecting and nourishing the land from which we all live.

Apr 13, 2017 by Carol Musoke

Breaking New Ground

Mama Jane Wanjiko’s neighbors are raising their eyebrows. Some are even wondering if it is the work of witchcraft. Who in the middle of a severe dry spell can have such a lush, fruitful garden as Mama Jane’s? Why, she has almost tripled the yield of a usual harvest!