May 19, 2015 by Adele Konyndyk

Honoring God through the Gift Catalog

Every year, men, women, and children with a passion for helping families in poverty generously use what God has given them to bless others by giving to World Renew’s Gift Catalog. So far this year, over $1,457,183.53 has been raised through the Gift Catalog –and orders are still coming in!

Jan 22, 2014 by Kristen deRoo VanderBerg

David's Gift to God Through the Gift Catalog

David attends John Knox Christian School in Stoney Creek, Ontario. At one of the school’s chapels, a teacher told the students about the life of people in Uganda and her own visits to that country. David came home with a heavy heart.

Jan 6, 2014 by Kristen deRoo VanderBerg

Earthquake Response in Haiti Concludes After Four Years

“My heart is heavy because I will be leaving a country that became my second home, a team that I considered my family, and a community of people that touched my life so much,” said Jeff Cosico, World Renew’s Livelihoods Program Manager in Haiti.

Jan 6, 2014 by Kristen deRoo VanderBerg

Earthquake Response in Haiti Concludes After Four Years

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of people across the United States, Canada, and Europe, World Renew was blessed to carry out a $19 million dollar response that included 21 wells, 1,400 toolkits, 3,500 tarps, 2 water filtration systems, 3,425 earthquake and hurricane-resistant homes, 800 latrines, 2,166 goats, 17 seed banks, 180,000 tree seedlings, trauma counseling, and much more.

Dec 12, 2013

Bring Hope and Healing this Advent

Suha Yeta is a refugee from Menaka, Mali living in Niger. Her story is heart-wrenching, but her dignity and spirit are intact. The goats she received through a World Renew goat distribution restore her family's livelihood to her--that of raising livestock--and give her the hope of creating a new life. Please pray for Suha Yeta and her family!

Mar 20, 2013

It Fell from the Sky

Before the conflict reached their homes, these women and their families were doing alright for themselves. Many had small businesses selling charcoal, clothing, tobacco, or other supplies. Others were farmers, and most owned some animals. Then the war split their country in two and changed their lives forever. The people gathered for the food distribution all had similar stories. Some had spent all their savings to flee the country, while others left behind their belongings in the flight. Their homes have now been pillaged or destroyed, and they have nothing left. Today, they find themselves in a foreign land as refugees, "depending on God and others" for their daily food and living with extended family, as squatters, or in overcrowded rented rooms

Jan 31, 2013 by Kristen deRoo VanderBerg

Goats Can Make a Difference!

That’s the reason why goats are included annually in World Renew’s Gift Catalog. It is also why donations towards goats in our Gift Catalog are so important. The gift of a goat starts a cycle of hope in a community in need.

Jan 1, 2013 by Nancy Njunji Kimani

A Glimpse into Deputation

It is now two months since I came back from my deputation in the fall of 2012, and as I reminisce on the whole experience, my heart is full of thankfulness and deep appreciation for how well things went. I left Lilongwe in Malawi with some measure of trepidation because this was my first time.

Nov 22, 2012 by Jim Zylstra

News from Uganda

I just returned from a week on an evaluation team that looked at the work we are doing with one of our Ugandan partner organizations, Katakwi Integrated Development Organization of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church (PAG KIDO). I have been the CRWRC/World Renew consultant to KIDO for twelve years, but soon I will be turning over this responsibility to one of my World Renew colleagues, Edward Etanu Okiror.

Oct 16, 2012 by Stephan Lutz

Transformation Story

(KENYA) Ndeiya farmers have been rearing cattle for milk and goats for meat during the annual festive seasons and for sale to earn extra income. However, due to climatic variations many farmers have been losing cattle to recurrent droughts. As the pasture land dries up, , milk ,which is a rich source of proteins, has become a rare commodity.