World Renew is Responding to the Major Earthquakes in Türkiye & Syria. Help Individuals and Families Devastated by this Disaster.

Help Earthquake Survivors

Earthquakes Rock Türkiye* and Syria

In the early hours of the morning, on February 6th, 2023 a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked south-eastern Türkiye, near the Syrian border, killing hundreds of people as they slept, injuring thousands more, and reducing five-story buildings to piles of rubble. A few hours later, another earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.5, hit the region causing even more heartbreak and damage. And in freezing, snowy conditions, rescue teams are now working to rescue survivors from the debris.

One of the hardest hit regions in Syria is in the north of the country where millions have already been enduring the hardships of the ongoing civil war, including families in refugee camps on both sides of the Syria-Türkiye border.

Holding out Hope in War, Earthquakes, and Economic Crisis

After enduring more than a decade of civil war, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked people living in the northern region of Syria and southern Türkiye in late February 2023. In all, an estimated 60,000 people died, and 100,000 were injured.

Thousands of significant aftershocks struck relentlessly over the next few weeks. In Syria alone, 11 million people – half the population – were affected.

In response, generous World Renew donors from across the US gave $1 million to assist earthquake survivors in Syria, joining the compassionate people already supporting our work supporting vulnerable families in Syria and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Jamila is a married mother of six children who receives a monthly food basket through World Renew. Having enough food for her children is always a concern, she says, but “I believe and trust that God provides. Every single month we wonder how we are going to make it, and yet we do survive.

“Before the war in Syria, we had some land and several houses,” Jamila recalled. “We were living well and owned our own house. When our village was occupied by an armed militia, our family had to move to Lebanon because we were no longer safe.

“During the occupation, I had to be covered in black robes from head to toe, and I could not leave the house without my husband, or I would be killed. Women who even showed their eyes in public were executed without warning. My husband and other men were also restricted. Our lives became impossible. Because of all these things, we came to Lebanon.”

World Renew has worked through our local church partners in Syria and Lebanon for 11 years to help families like Jamila’s survive the war. Your additional support for World Renew earthquake response is providing more assistance for homeless and displaced families in both countries through food baskets, winterization kits, and other essential supplies.

While life in Lebanon is free from the terror of war, Syrian refugee families like Jamila’s, who fled with only the things they could carry, have a new concern: not having enough resources to meet their basic needs.

“We wish we could move out of the Middle East for the kids to have a better future,” Jamila said. “My son often tells me we are not living like human beings.” Your support for World Renew is making the essential difference in their survival.

“I knew about the church near us in Lebanon for some time before I asked them for help,” Jamila said. “I went to Bible studies and took the kids to special activities. When I asked if they could help us, they came to our home and met with our whole family. They saw our need, and we have received two monthly food parcels so far.”

Inflation is stretching the resources of local citizens as well as refugees around the world, including those in Lebanon. The Lebanese pound (LBP) has recently been devalued 600 percent against the US dollar, and many people are finding themselves out of work in the economic crisis.

Boghos, a 60-year-old Lebanese man, is one of these people. For some time, Boghos owned a dollar store on the main street in his town, but when prices started to rise, he could no longer afford to stay in business.

Two years ago, Boghos had to shutter his shop. Since then, his health and ability to support himself have suffered. He has fallen several times and hit his head, which may have caused brain injuries. And it’s possible that he has developed a form of dementia as he has trouble with his memory and has also become incontinent.

Without an income and unable to work, Boghos couldn’t afford to buy food or adult diapers to stay clean. His neighbors helped when they could, but they were also struggling to make ends meet, so they turned to World Renew’s church partner in Lebanon for help. Now, with your support, Boghos is receiving the adaptive supplies and food assistance he needs to help him with daily living.

People like Jamila and Boghos need food and other essential supports more now than ever before. Because of your prayers, compassion, and financial support, World Renew is continuing to share Christ’s hope with the most vulnerable families in this region.

Thank you for equipping World Renew to walk alongside people affected by the February earthquake, Syrian refugee families struggling to find their footing in Lebanon, and Lebanese families who are also feeling the strain of economic crisis.

*Names and images were altered for security purposes.

Please give today to provide survivors with the emergency supplies they so desperately need.

How can I help disaster survivors today?

You can help World Renew continue responding to disasters like this earthquake around the world through your gifts and prayers.

  • Please give today to help people suffering from the Turkey and Syria earthquake.
  • Please join us in praying for World Renew staff and partners as they respond to this deepening crisis. Pray for the survivors of this disaster, especially for families left homeless by the earthquake and that they may receive shelter and much-needed emergency supplies soon. Please pray for humanitarian organizations working in the region that they can be a source of comfort and refuge for the people who are struggling with hunger, poverty, conflict, and injustice. 

* In 2021, the Turkish government officially changed the country’s name, so Turkey is now recognized by the UN as Türkiye