Unmet Needs Assessment

Volunteers conduct community-wide surveys to identify the disaster-related needs (construction, household, emotional and financial needs) of vulnerable residents who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

This information is provided to the long-term recovery group (LTRG). Case managers use this information to make sure those most in need get the assistance they require and qualify for.

Volunteering for a Needs Assessment

How to Volunteer

  • If you are new to volunteering, please fill out and submit this Volunteer Application. Our Volunteer Program Manager, Diana, will contact you to talk about next steps. You may also print off the application, fill it out, and mail it to World Renew DRS, 400 76th Street Suite 17, Byron Center MI 49315. If you have any questions at all, please contact Diana at 800-848-5818 or dmarquez@worldrenew.net
  • If you have already submitted your application, simply contact Diana at 800-848-5818 or dmarquez@worldrenew.net.

 Roles to Fill/Scope of Work

  • Interviewers: Conduct 45-minute interviews with disaster survivors, either door to door at designated addresses with another volunteer or at a walk-in center.

  • Data entry: Enter the surveys into the database.

  • Training is provided.

When and Where
Needs Assessments can take place across North America and are generally conducted four to nine months after a disaster. Once a needs assessment is scheduled, our Volunteer Program Manager begins notifying volunteers of the opportunity through phone calls, emails, and the monthly Opportunity Link. Click here to receive the Opportunity Link each month. 

Age Requirement
18 years of age and up.

Length of Assignment
Each assignment is two weeks long.

Food and Lodging
Lodging is generally in a motel, but can vary depending on location. Meals are provided or reimbursed for.

Travel, lodging, and meals are provided or reimbursed.



Long Term Recovery Groups: Request a Needs Assessment

To request more information on this service, please visit worldrenew.net/local-recovery-groups.