VolunteerDiscovery Tour in Cambodia

Join the World Renew team in Cambodia from October 31 to November 11, 2019. Enjoy an authentic cultural experience learning about Cambodian history and traditions, and engage with the work World Renew is doing.

  • Program: Global Volunteer
  • Location: Cambodia
  • Type: Individual, Adult group, Intergenerational group
  • Length of opportunity: Less than 2 Weeks
  • Skillset needed: None

Next Tour

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

October 31 to November 11, 2019

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Why Cambodia?

Cambodia is known by many travelers as the country of “genuine smiles,” and touted as the friendliest country on earth. However, this country has a dark history. The Cambodian people are survivors of the genocide executed by the Khmer Rouge Regime from 1975 to 1979. It is estimated that during this time, approximately one-third of the population were killed. Cambodia is still rebuilding from this horrific period. In recent years, Cambodia has made much progress. It is now one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

Today, travelers can experience a wide spectrum of Cambodian culture from the industrious capital of Phnom Penh to the quiet untouched rural countryside. Guests can witness a country rising from the ashes as Cambodians begin to rebuild the country from ground up with progress in education systems, infrastructure, social justice issues, agricultural practices, and community stability.


Why travel with World Renew?

  • Learn about the process, methodology, and impact of World Renew’s work
  • Discover and experience the history, traditions and culture of Cambodia
  • Create a lasting relationship with World Renew’s Cambodian staff, partners and community participants
  • Understand the challenges that Cambodian families experience and how they overcome these challenges
  • Be led through a spiritual process with regular devotions throughout the tour, designed to hear how God through this rich and challenging journey.




Sample Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrive in Phnom Penh and rejuvenate at your boutique hotel

DAY 2: Meet your fellow travelers and have a tour orientation. Learn about Cambodian history, culture and language. Visit the Palace. Attend a cultural dance show.

DAY 3: Learn about the Cambodian history through a tour of the Killing Fields and Toul Sleng museum. Dine with World Renew staff on a sunset river cruise.

DAY 4: Attend an international church service in Phnom Penh. Travel to the provinces where World Renew works and check into your provincial guest house.

DAYS 5–8: Meet the people and see the work of World Renew in the remote communities where we work. End at the Kep Provincial Park; enjoy the sea and hiking trails. Share highlights of your experience with fellow travellers.

DAYS 9–11: Travel to Siem Reap and visit the Siem Reap National Museum. Tour the world famous Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom temples. Return to Phnom Penh for last minute shopping and your return flight


You will be responsible for your airfare and in country expenses and to contribute to the costs of the project you are supporting.

In country itineraries and expenses will be tailored to the interests and budget of the group

The cost is 2,868USD for individuals and 5,450USD for couples.