VolunteerHaiti Reforestation Team

Deforestation is a very serious, present-day issue affecting the people and the environment of Haiti.

Deforestation degrades soil, making it poor for farming, and causes a massive loss of species and biodiversity, as well as soil erosion and mudslides.  

World Renew invites you to change the story of deforestation by working alongside the community in Pignon, Haiti, on a reforestation project!

This community-driven initiative combats deforestation through education and action.

Through education, the reforestation project strives to educate the community on the dangers of slash-and-burn farming and the importance of protecting and planting trees and other vegetation.

Through action, the reforestation project strives to reduce food insecurity and provide income for families by growing fruit trees and vegetables in community gardens.

Join us January 26th to February 3rd, 2018


  • Program: Global Volunteer
  • Location: Pignon, Haiti
  • Type: Intergenerational group
  • Length of opportunity: Less than 2 Weeks
  • Skillset needed: None required

Witness the work that God is doing through World Renew in Haiti.

Share your passion for reforestation, environmental issues, food and nutrition, and sustainable living while working alongside and serving communities in Haiti in reforestation efforts.

Come join in fellowship with your brother’s and sister’s in Christ in Haiti!

Immerse yourself in Haitian culture through homestays, community worship, sharing meals, and visiting local markets and cultural sites.

The Haiti team welcomes persons of all ages. 



Who Can Participate:
Anyone is welcome. No special skill set is required.
Please contact Andrew at globalvolunteer@worldrenew.net to find out more about visa requirements

Dates: January 26 - February 3, 2019

Time Commitment: 9 days in Haiti plus 10 to 15 hours of reading, orientation, and preparation.



  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older and a Canadian or US resident
  • Be compassionate, respectful of other cultures, and emotionally stable
  • Must be able to do some physical labor in a tropical climate, sometimes under difficult conditions.
  • Should be flexible and adaptable


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Raise prayer and financial support by inviting churches, families, friends and/or individuals
  • Complete pre-field reading, preparation, and orientation before arriving in Haiti
  • Work alongside community members from Pignon to prepare the soil and seeds for planting, sowing the seeds, and transplanting seedlings.
  • Worship and spend time in the daily activities of the community during your time in Pignon.





  • Be immersed in the day-to-day living and culture of Haiti
  • See first hand how your prayers and contributions to World Renew impact communities in Haiti.
  • Build new relationships and fellowship with the local community.
  • Be an encouragement to Christians in Haiti and make a difference for the cause of Christ through your service and collaboration
  • Learn from, serve, and be served by people from a different culture.
  • Partner with World Renew staff and learn about their work
  • Develop your personal perspective on poverty, missions, and community development.

Remember that expenses directly related to this volunteer opportunity are tax-deductible.




Support Services Provided:

  • World Renew will provide orientation materials and ongoing logistics and support to meet the needs of the volunteers, local community, and Haiti staff.
  • World Renew offers a pre-trip orientation session. This is required for all participants.
  • World Renew will provide you with consultation and/or visits by missionary staff when available.
  • World Renew will provide you with opportunities to link your individual/church’s mission and vision to work being done in Haiti.
  • World Renew will support you with recognition in various communications to supporters.


The total estimated in country costs per person are $1,500 USD.

Other costs may include, but can vary.

-Airfare to Port-au-Prince, Haiti
-Out-of-country medical and travel insurance
-Spending money ($200 USD recommended)


Interested? Contact Andrew at globalvolunteer@worldrenew.net