VolunteerInternational Relief Manager

International Relief Managers are trained and highly experienced volunteers who support World Renew’s international disaster response work. International Relief Managers are part of a roster of volunteers available to go, on short notice, to manage and implement a wide variety of international projects in response to natural disasters and conflict.

  • Program: International Disaster Response
  • Location: Multiple Locations
  • Type: Individual
  • Length of opportunity: 1-6 Months
  • Skillset needed: Varied (see the contact below if you have any questions)

Location(s): Multiple

Time Commitment: 2+ years

Date Opportunity is Available: Current and ongoing


Specific Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an International Relief Manager vary from assignment to assignment, but can include the following:

  • Project Reporting: Work with local partners, community, and World Renew’s International Disaster Response team to write project proposals and various project reports to donor institutions, including the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Global Affairs Canada
  • Financial Management: Managing budgets, ensuring that projects stay on budget and that all expenses are well-documented for audit purposes
  • Project Management: Manage or support local partners in project design and implementation, which may include the distribution of food and non-food items, the construction of shelters and latrines, and the professional training and skills development of local community members
  • Partner Capacity Development: Work with local partners to develop their capacity in areas including project reporting, financial management, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and proposal writing



  1. Committed to Christ with a compassionate heart and a servant attitude.
  2. Experience working and/or volunteering in a cross-cultural context.
  3. Must be available to travel on an international assignment at least 3-4 months each year.
  4. Career experience in a management position.
  5. Fluency in French, Spanish, or another language is a definite asset.
  6. Sectoral experience related to international development and/or disaster response is a definite asset.


Financial Commitment:

All costs related to service as an International Relief Manager are covered by World Renew’s International Disaster Response team.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Jonathan Self
1-800-730-3490 Ext 4326