Mozambique: ESPANOR English Teacher
Due to covid-19, some aspects of the opportunity may have changed. Please contact our staff for a current update of this volunteer opportunity. Thank you! 

Mozambique: ESPANOR English Teacher

  • Program: Global Volunteer
  • Location: Mozambique

  • Type: Individual
  • Length of opportunity: More than 12 months

  • Skillset needed: None

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This position will contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #4. Goal 4 aims to ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development care and pre-primary education and that they are able to complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education. Furthermore, it calls for equal access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education to ensure relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship.


Become part of a team working to empower youth and young adults through education that is holistic, excellent, accessible and sustainable. By building skills in English, you provide students the ability to compete in a world where English is an international language.


  1. Raise prayer and financial support by inviting individuals, businesses and /or churches to give to this opportunity;
  2. Attend an orientation session in the Home Office 
  3. Adhere to CRCNA Standards of Conduct
  4. Christ centered beliefs and behavior.
  5. Openness to learn about Mozambican culture.
  6. Strengthen Portuguese language skills
  7. Represent World Renew and themselves in a responsible manner.
  8. Raise prayer and financial support by inviting individuals, businesses and /or churches to give to this opportunity;
  9. Attend an orientation session in Grand Rapids, MI or Burlington, Ontario.
  10. Adhere to World Renew Code of Conduct and Code of Best practices.


World Renew adopts a unique, holistic approach to global development rooted in local partnerships and dedicated to the local church. The result is enduring change informed by community needs.

This is an opportunity to contribute to a multi-dimensional program that seeks to expand in relevance and effectiveness. A person who enjoys exploring new approaches and solutions will find this position congenial. This is a hands-on learning opportunity, rather than an academic experience. However, a person interested in applied research will find scope for this interest and we would encourage anyone who is able to combine research and practical programming to consider this opportunity.


Depedant upon applicant’s availability 


Participants must be 18 years of age or older and a Canadian or US resident

  • Must be able to endure tropical climate
  • Be compassionate, respectful of other culture
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to view life with a sense of humor

Support Services Provided:

  • World Renew will provide orientation materials as well as ongoing logistics and support to meet the needs of the volunteers, local community, and Honduran staff.
  • World Renew offers a pre-trip orientation session. This is required for all participants.
  • World Renew will provide you with consultation and/or visits by missionary staff when available
  • World Renew will support you with recognition in various communications to supporters


TOTAL Estimated funds needed – $28,750.00US (est. total will be adjusted to reflect actual costs) budget includes roundtrip airfare, food, language training, in-country expenses and pre-trip expenses and administrative expenses.

Pre-trip Expenses –
Medical and Travel insurance

Costs not included in total budget:
Tourist trip – if so desired

This trip will receive registrations through December 15, 2019.

Contact us today for trip details and to secure your spot.
PHONE. 1-800-552-7972
EMAIL. [email protected]