VolunteerPort Arthur, Texas - Disaster Response Mission Trip

This is a DRS facilitated reconstruction site and is in response to Hurricane Harvey, August 2017.

Approximately 39 counties were impacted by Hurricane Harvey; over 320,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Six weeks after the hurricane, 75,000 disaster survivors were still living in shelters or motels because their homes were completely unlivable. 

  • Program: Disaster Response Services
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Type: Individual, Adult group, Youth group, Intergenerational group, School group
  • Length of opportunity: Less than 2 Weeks
  • Skillset needed: Some reconstruction experience is helpful but not required.
When to Volunteer

Winter-Spring 2018: This site welcomes volunteers from January 8 - April 7, 2018. Groups volunteer typically for one week, but you may volunteer for a longer or shorter period of time.

Scope of Work

The primary focus will be on drywall, trim, flooring, etc. in houses that were flooded by Hurricane Harvey. In some cases, foundations may need work. There will be a World Renew DRS facilitator on site who will coordinate your work projects.

Age Requirement

Generally must be at least 14 years old and anyone under 18 years of age must have adult supervision.

Skill Level Requirement

No particular skills required, but highly preferable for each group to have at least one skilled person who can take the lead on group projects. There will be a World Renew DRS facilitator on site who will coordinate work projects that align with your skills.

Accommodations and Meals

Volunteers will stay at a community facility at 603 5th Street, Port Arthur. On the first floor there is a commercial kitchen. The second floor has 17 bedrooms, each with 2 twin-size beds. Bathrooms and showers are very adequate.

The DRS facilitators will be in communication with your group leader ahead of time to negotiate how meals will be coordinated and prepared in a centralized way that works for all those there that week. 

It is anticipated that there will be WIFI in the building, and also a washer/dryer.


World Renew is committed to this community and is contributing to the cost to encourage volunteers to come and help. There will be no "fee" for accommodations and food at this site, although donations to World Renew DRS are appreciated to offset costs. If purchases are made for meals on-site, for which reimbursement is requested, you will need to save your receipts to document appropriate costs. The DRS facilitators will have a credit card on which these expenses can be placed if purchased on site.

Note that your group is, however, responsible for travel costs: fuel, hotels, and meals along the way.

Tools and Materials

World Renew DRS has a 16-foot tool trailer on site and materials are provided.

What to Bring

Must bring bedding and/or sleeping bag, towels, and personal toiletries. A general list of what to bring can be found in Preparing to Serve


YES! We're interested. What's the first step?

Fill out this short form at bit.ly/PlanMissionTrip to get started. Feel free to call 800-848-5818 or email aopperwall@worldrenew.net.