VolunteerVacation Bible School - Shiprock, NM

Come alongside church members in Classis Red Mesa to plant seeds of the gospel in the hearts of area children. Build friendships with church and community members by witnessing God at work.

  • Program: Global Volunteer
  • Location: New Mexico, United States
  • Type: Adult group, Youth group, Intergenerational group
  • Length of opportunity: Less than 2 Weeks
  • Skillset needed: None

Location:  Shiprock, NM
Dates Opportunity is Available:  June 2017
Length of Service: 7-10 days

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Create and implement a plan for VBS for 70-100 children;
2. Be a team player as you host VBS;
3. Be willing to share your Christian faith with others;
4. Build relationships with the community by staying open and flexible to the culture around you;
5. Live and worship with the community during the project;
6. Complete recommended reading, and orientation before departure;
7. Provide World Renew and the pastor with an evaluation of the project;
8. Share your story or final report with  your church, supporters and World Renew Global Volunteer Program.

1. Leader: Mature Christian committed to serving Jesus Christ;
2. Team: Proven ability to work with children;
3. Some knowledge of US history in the Red Mesa area; )
4. Willingness to follow the church’s leadership;
5. Good planning and organizational skills;
6. Be compassionate, respectful of other cultures, and emotionally stable;
7. Proactive and able to work with minimal supervision in what could be ambiguous situations;
8. Flexible, adaptable and able to view life with a sense of humor. 

1. Growth in your faith and relationship with God;
2. An opportunity to foster new attitudes, perceptions and relationships;
3. A chance to learn from, serve and be served by people from a different culture;
4. The opportunity to share your Christian faith with others who may not yet know the Gospel;
5. Serve as an encouragement to Christians in Shiprock;
6. Apply your current gifts and talents and discover some new ones;
7. Develop a personal perspective on poverty, justice, missions and/or development work;
8. Grow in your understanding of the basic principles and tools of (community development/outreach to the nations.
9. Assist in educating and raising awareness within North America about the social/political situation in Red Mesa;
10. Expenses directly related to this volunteer opportunity are tax-deductible.

Support Services Provided: World Renew agrees to provided
• orientation materials as well as ongoing logistics and support to meet the needs of the volunteers, local community, 
• opportunity to help volunteers link their individual/church’s mission and vision to work being done;

Requirements of the Volunteer:
1. Complete and submit a volunteer application form, resume/CV and Volunteer Profile
2. Provide a current (within 2 years) criminal background check; including a vulnerable sector search.
3. Raise prayer and financial support by inviting individuals, businesses and /or churches to give to this opportunity;
4. Send a representative to attend an orientation session in the Home Office (when possible, or by phone)
5. Adhere to ‘CRCNA Standards of Conduct’,  ‘CRCNA Crisis Management Policy’ and any other applicable policies
      and/or procedures.

Financial Obligations of the Volunteer:  please note that costs are estimated and listed in US funds
• Travel to Shiprock, NM - TBD
• Medical and travel insurance - $20.00USD per person
• Food - TBD
• Lodging - $5.00USD per day, per person
• Administrative fee - $25.00USD per person

Additional Costs depending on each individual
• Tourist trip - if so desired