A food crisis looms in Western Africa. A season of erratic rainfall, drought and insect infestations has placed millions of people at risk of going hungry. Through your prayers and financial support, World Renew is showing Christ’s compassion to those in serious need.

World Renew is taking immediate action in Niger, which is one of the most severely impacted countries in West Africa.  Often cited as the poorest country in the world, Niger has sufferkjkljljed six severe food crises over the past 30 years. A season of poor harvests is now, once again, preventing people from sustaining their families. A recent influx of refugees from neighbouring countries has also increased food prices and the demand for supplies. As a result, an estimated 6 million Nigerians are at risk of food insecurity this year.

Through its alliance with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB), World Renew will provide food assistance to Niger’s urban and rural areas in the next 6 months. This effort will help approximately 28,434 people facing famine and will include the sale of grain at a subsidized price, food-for-work activities, and the direct distribution of food supplies to those most in need.

Please pray for the millions of people across the Sahel who are again experiencing severe drought, and for World Renew’s response in Niger.