The West Africa Ministry team is one of World Renew’s five regional teams.

This area has a rich cultural heritage and includes Christian churches as well as majority Muslim areas. Unfortunately, the region has some of the highest levels of poverty and child mortality in the world. The geography includes Sahara desert, the hot and semi-arid Sahel ecosystem prone to drought, as well as plains and mountains. Rapid population growth has led to conflicts over land, and extremist and terrorist groups that promote violence find recruits among unemployed youth. Deforestation and environmental destruction is a serious problem over the entire area.
World Renew has been working in West Africa since 1969 when our first agriculture program began in Nigeria. We emphasize community participation, so that accomplishments can endure over the long term rather than risk doing harm by misunderstanding the local context. Working in partnership with mainly church-based organizations, World Renew has seen many positive changes at the local level over the past decade. This includes peace-building and access to land rights and irrigation, as well as programs in agriculture, adult literacy, savings and loans self-help groups, adolescent health, leadership development, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care.