A completed home in Fort McMurray, August 2017.

Update July 2017

Home repairs have begun in Fort McMurray, in partnership with Mennonite Disaster Services. Click here to learn more.


A mandatory evacuation was in effect for the entire city of Fort McMurray, Alberta, population 80,000, during the first week of May 2016 as rampant wildfires engulfed everything in its path, consuming homes, businesses, and forests.

As the fires blazed, World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) asked for prayer and financial support. Staff and volunteers soon visited Alberta to meet with evacuees and strengthen relationships with the local churches and responders. As homeowners were receiving word that they would be able to start returning home in June, the provincial government asked World Renew DRS to begin exploring the possibility of a future unmet needs assessment. Representatives of the Reformed (RCA) and Christian Reformed churches in northern Alberta met with evacuees from Fort McMurray, including those from Evergreen Community CRC, to discuss their fire-related needs. 

Clean-up of burned properties began in June and was being carried out by organizations that specialize in toxic ash removal. As Fort McMurray returned to their homes, they wrestle with what is, or is not, left of their lives and possessions.

At this time, World Renew DRS is at work with local and provincial officials, other response agencies, and churches to help plan when and where people’s homes can start to be rebuilt.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the recovery process in Fort McMurray, Alberta, will take a considerable amount of time,” says Andrew Ryskamp, interim director for World Renew (DRS).“The length of time before people can return is testing people’s finances. World Renew DRS continues to work with the Northern Alberta Diaconate and Alberta churches in monitoring gaps in recovery services to care for those affected by the fires.”


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