Wildfires driven by strong winds tore into residential areas of California in November 2018, causing thousands to flee their homes.

More than 14,000 homes were destroyed. Those who lived in those homes are displaced, trying to figure out what is next, where will they live and work in the next several weeks and months.

Local agencies and federal representatives are continuing to secure temporary housing for the thousands of residents who lost their homes in the fires. Professionals trained in handling hazardous materials and in fire-debris are beginning an arduous task of cleaning-up the destruction.

“It is going to be years before all this gets settled,” said Don and Gert Vos, regional managers for World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS). “There are so many ins and outs, ups and downs, in the months and years after a wildfire like this.”

The Vos’, who live in California, are meeting with fire-response leaders to offer World Renew DRS support.

Specializing in long-term recovery, World Renew DRS is focused on supporting the local recovery efforts by offering knowledge and expertise as well as hands-on services such as home construction and needs assessments.

To learn more about this ministry visit worldrenew.net/drs

Photo Credit: FEMA photo/Robert Baker Nov 26, 2018


Interested in Volunteering?

Fire clean-up must be done by trained professionals and it will be some time before home construction will begin. However, there are many opportunities across North American and the world. Find your place at worldrenew.net/volunteer