Beginning in January 2008, Ecuador experienced an excessive amount of rainfall. Rivers rose, broke containment dykes, and flooded the coastal lowlands displacing more than 14,000 people.

Over a 100, 000 hectares of crops–including rice, maize, peanuts, bananas, and coffee–were severely damaged. Stagnant water and contaminated wells resulted in outbreaks of disease and viral infections. 

Several countries and agencies provided aid. However more remote communities were not being reached. In particular, communities in the western provinces of Manabí and Guayas were at risk. Working with local organizations World Renew identified twelve communities in Manabí and two communities in Guayas where assistance was needed.

In Manabí, World Renew improved health conditions by providing mosquito nets and materials needed to sterilize drinking water. This helped combat both insect-born disease and illnesses related to unclean water supplies. Rowan, a local group in Manabí, partnered with the World Renew.

In Guayas, food aid was the principle relief emphasis. World Renew’s local partner, the Philadelphia Church of Guayaquil, helped to deliver supplies to sister churches in two rural communities. Short term supplies included rice, oats, lentils, canned fish, and drinking water.

In the end, the project provided assistance to a total of 758 families –or 3672 individuals. Flooding has subsided; so the relief aspect of the project has ended. Yet development work in Manabí and Guayas continues. Building on relationships they nurtured in the midst of crisis, World Renew’s local partners continue to offer their support as communities strengthen their own capacity.