Discrimination against women is a common issue in Guatemala.

Location: Alta Verapaz ,Guatemala

Partner: Polochic Integral Development Association (ADIP)

Injustice: Despite existing relevant international and national laws, discrimination against women is a common, deep-rooted issue especially in poor, rural, indigenous communities such as Alta Verapaz with a heavy-handed patriarchal system. Femicide is the most extreme, yet continual, result. In 2011, 20,389 cases of physical, sexual, psychological and economical violence and femicide were reported, this does not include the many cases which are not reported.

Response: We are training 150 participants from 5 different communities. These participants are respected church members from impacted communities of gender injustice. Training and activities include:

  • Developing a process of sensitization around gender equality

  • Awareness and training of men and women about the issues of gender rights

  • Educating leaders and local authorities