On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake rocked the country of Haiti. The 35-second quake killed over 230,000 people and displaced 1.5 million more. Virtually the entire country came to a halt as schools, churches, hospitals, government buildings, homes, and entire neighborhoods crumbled to the ground.

The international community responded quickly and generously to the needs of quake survivors, the Christian Reformed Church of North America included. To date World Renew has received $15 million in donations and grants, enabling World Renew to respond quickly to immediate survival needs as well as longer term needs created by the earthquake.

In the immediate weeks and months following the quake, World Renew provided hygiene kits and cash for severely affected families in our target communities, provided tarps for immediate shelter and distributed tools for rubble and debris removal. As moving people out of tents and temporary shelter and into proper housing is not only a question of human dignity but also a question of human safety and security ,World Renew is building earthquake- and hurricane-resistant wood-frame houses. Drilling of water wells and construction of latrines along with psycho-social trauma counseling activities complete the integrated approach to World Renew’s earthquake response.  World Renew is also implementing a livelihoods program.