Hurricanes in 2009 flooded crops, damaged homes, and threatened livelihoods. World Renew responded with food and clothing for those most in need.

"The soil was already saturated with rain from Fay and Gustav when Hannah hit," reported World Renew Haiti country director Ad De Blaiej. "So all of the rain rushed down the mountains and flooded the plains and valleys... While many Southern towns flooded last week after Gustav made landfall near Jacmel, Hannah created flooding in the North... Nearly all areas of Haiti have been hit."

According to de Blaeij, all of World Renew's Haitian partner agencies reported damage in their project areas. Since many Haitians had little to start with before the hurricanes hit, they were thrown into an even more dire crisis. Fortunately, World Renew’s well-established network of church and community leaders enabled staff and partners to respond immediately in communities when disaster struck.

International relief program manager Ken Little said that World Renew's church partners in the affected areas are already in action. "One of our larger responses is in Gonaives, which was really devastated by the floods. There, we are working with Ebenezer Mission to care for six hundred people who sought refuge from the storms in the Mission's school and hospital yards."

In all, World Renew provided food and roofing supplies to approximately 3,000 hurricane survivors in Gonaives, Port-au-Prince (Fort Mercredi), Petit Goave, Jacmel, Cayes, Croix des Bouquettes, and Meyer.