In the US, Hurricane Matthew’s destructive energy claimed the lives of 44 people and in North Carolina alone damaged or destroyed more than 200,000 homes and causing more than $1 billion in damage.

Update April 2017

In South Carolina, volunteers from the US and Canada are working hard and enjoying their time rebuilding homes for families that endured Hurricane Matthew. We are grateful to be partnering with the Tri-County Long Term Recovery Group in South Carolina for this work. World Renew DRS is also in discussion about long-term reconstruction sites in Hurricane Matthew affected communities.

You too can plan a week-long mission trip with your church, school, or family to South Carolina or North Carolina to help with Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts. 



Even two weeks after the hurricane, some communities in the Carolinas were still under water, resulting in widespread damage and roughly six months of clean-up work.

Debris lines streets and fills yards as residents gut their flooded homes. Many will be able to repair their homes on their own, but due to limitations beyond control, many others will not. These are the individuals and families your gifts to World Renew DRS will help.

In North Carolina specifically, World Renew DRS is working with its close partner, the North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church Disaster Response and volunteers are helping families clean out, sanitize, and homes for Hurricane Matthew survivors. In Christian care, World Renew DRS serves those who, without additional support, would never get their homes back in order and be left feeling forgotten and alone.

After the clean-up phase, World Renew DRS will offer services that have proven to be of great value to individuals, families, and communities after a disaster like Hurricane Matthew. World Renew’s trained, experienced volunteers carry out unmet needs assessments that help community recovery groups discover who in their neighborhood has disaster-related needs, including safety, reconstruction, financial, emotional, and household needs.

Homeowner and survivor stands in his flooded home assessing the damage from Hurricane Matthew as water remains in his home for days. Photo FEMA/Dominick Del Vecchio. World Renew then provides reconstruction services to help homeowners who are physically or financially unable to repair their houses on their own. In a disaster the size and scope of Hurricane Matthew, it is often years before those who are the most vulnerable to receive the assistance they need to restore their homes and lives.

Your financial support is needed to help Hurricane Matthew survivors. Please give generously to World Renew – Hurricane Matthew N. America. Your gift will provide essential clean up and repair services, free of charge, to people who truly need help to recover. Your donation will not only enable World Renew DRS volunteers to put hammer to nail, it will bring the love of Christ into the homes and lives of people who have lost much.

Header photo: Lumberton, NC, USA--FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Teams from Missouri Task Force One look for residents that may be stranded in a neighborhood that was flooded following Hurricane Matthew.Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA