Update July 2017

South Carolina was hard hit by flooding in October 2015 and World Renew DRS set up a short-term reconstruction site in Manning, South Carolina in the spring of 2017. This site will open again the fall of 2017 and welcomes one week groups to help with home repairs. Click here to learn how you can volunteer with your church, family, or school group.








Reconstruction in Saipan finished up this spring. Below is a home before and during reconstruction. Saipan was hit by a tyhpoon in 2015.




In early August 2015, the Island of Saipan, a U.S. commonwealth 120 miles north of Guam, was devastated by Typhoon Soudelor. In November, World Renew DRS provided construction estimating for the local recovery group in Saipan, helping them understand the scope and cost of reconstruction. 

World Renew DRS sent volunteers to Saipan again in May 2016 to determine how to help with reconstruction.

In October 2015, Hurricane Joaquin brought flooding to dozens of communities in South Carolina. Once the water receded and it was safe to enter the affected areas, World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) sent volunteers to provide clean-up, mucking-out, and mold remediation services to families in Sumter, South Carolina (Click here to hear more about the response).

Regional managers continue to work with a dozen communities in South Carolina, assisting with organizational capacity building and planning for long-term recovery. In June 2016, construction estimators will be providing estimates to Florence County, helping the recovery group there determine scope and cost of reconstruction.

To get involved, visit worldrenew.net/drs to volunteer and donate to Hurricanes 2015.