Around the world, World Renew responds to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, earthquakes, and tropical storms as well as human-caused wars and conflicts.

All too often, these crises affect people who are already vulnerable because of poverty. Without savings or a safety net to rely on when disasters strike, these families become urgently in need of assistance to meet their basic needs of shelter, food and water. World Renew is there to ensure that these immediate needs are met.

World Renew also takes a long-term approach. As it responds to immediate needs, World Renew also promotes solutions that will help people avoid or be better prepared for future disasters.  The goal is to “build back better” and ensure that individuals and their communities can continue on a firmer footing.

With your unwavering support last year, World Renew has been able to make God’s grace visible among families in 20 countries who are living through war, drought, famine, or rebuilding after a natural disaster.


In order to respond quickly and effectively to the urgent needs of disaster-affected communities, World Renew works in cooperation with local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These local churches and community organizations have expertise and knowledge about the local context that is invaluable to the work of World Renew as it seeks to respond to disasters.  World Renew often carries out its disaster response activities in partnership with its existing long-term community development partners (those who have been carrying out programs in literacy, health, agriculture training and more before disasters struck).  In many instances this is not possible and new short-term partnerships are formed with local, national or international organizations specifically for the disaster response activities.

In all projects World Renew engages local communities in determining an appropriate response. This helps to promote community ownership, ensures that the assistance is appropriate to the local context, and helps to foster long-term impacts. 


World Renew receives significant financial support from individual donors and churches across the United States and Canada. This support is substantially leveraged through its memberships in various Canadian, American and international alliances such as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) (including substantial matching funds from the Government of Canada/Global Affairs Canada and support from other CFGB members),  ACT Alliance, Integral Alliance, and Canadian Churches in Action (CCA), which provide funding and ensure improved coordination and efficiency. 

Because of these alliances, World Renew is able to leverage each gift received by individual donors, such that for every $1 donated by individuals an average of $6 of ministry can take place!


World Renew’s International Disaster Response team depends on the significant contributions of International Relief Managers (IRMs).  These highly skilled and trained volunteers make themselves available on short notice and spend several months at a time supporting the set-up and implementation of World Renew disaster response projects around the world. Find out more here.


All of World Renew’s International Disaster Response projects are designed to comply with international standards, such as Sphere and the Core Humanitarian Standards.