In the wake of Hurricane Felix, World Renew established a project in Tasba Pri, Nicaragua to assist eight communities in crisis. In response to the disaster, World Renew and long-time partner, Accion Médica Christiana (AMC) provided emergency health supplies and the building materials needed in order to reconstruct homes that were destroyed.

On September 15, 2007 – fifteen days after the disaster – World Renew helped families recover sanitary conditions by providing health-care supplies. Included in health-care packages were water purification tablets, sanitary napkins, and soap. Kitchen kits were also distributed by World Renew as a supplement to food-aid provided by other agencies. A total of 3, 549 flood-affected individuals were served by World Renew -9 percent more than originally planned.

Next, World Renew worked alongside communities to help rebuild their homes. More than 80 percent of houses in Tasba Pri were severely damaged by Hurricane Felix. World Renew provided permanent roofing materials needed for shelter, including sheets of corrugated zinc, hammers, nails, and plastic tarps. The project–co-funded by CIDA–finished in November, 2007. By then, each beneficiary was sufficiently protected from climate conditions.

Throughout the project priority was given to families with the greatest need. Single mothers, elderly couples, and families with special needs children or adults were helped before other families in need.

Community participation was a strong focus as well. As a way of empowering the people Tasba Pri, World Renew involved village committees throughout the decision making process.

The initial relief aspect of the project may be finished, but World Renew’s partner AMC will continue to work in Tasba Pri rehabilitating the land. Since almost all crops were destroyed by Hurricane Felix, the current focus of AMC’s work is to re-establish the agricultural cycle through seed distributions and other projects.

Though there is still much work to do, families have a renewed sense of hope. Now that health and security have been restored, children have returned to their schools and parents to their jobs. And as fear no longer overshadows their lives, the people of Tasba Pri are smiling again.