In the summer of 2010, heavy monsoon rains began to fall on the country of Pakistan. As the rains continued, rivers overflowed their banks. Homes, roads, bridges, crops, and livestock were damaged or washed away. By August 2010, approximately one fifth of Pakistan’s land mass was under water. As families made their way to temporary camps they were faced with the additional challenges of finding access to safe drinking water, nutritious food, safe shelter, and proper sanitation. The situation was desperate and World Renew responded with food, water, shelter, medical aid, and other emergency supplies.

In mid-August 2011, heavy monsoon fell once again on Pakistan. This time the flooding occurred further south in the Province of Sindh. Here, large tracts of land ended up under water, leaving thousands of families displaced. The flooding also contaminated the drinking water and left families at risk for a variety of waterborne illnesses.

World Renew responded to the 2011 needs in Sindh providing hygiene kits, mosquito nets, kitchen kits, and stoves to 200 families as well as three months of food aid to 5,000 households through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).

The project in Sindh ran from October 2011-July 2012. In  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, World Renew has completed Phase I and II of our response which included food, tents, water, medical supplies, kitchen supplies, hygiene kits, stoves, winter coats, and blankets those in need.  This was done through our partner, the Interfaith League Against Poverty (I-LAP). Phase III  entails livelihood restoration programs, home repair/reconstruction and a shelter project to provide flood-resistant houses in Nowshera district; this was completed in June 2011.