After 20 years of war and aid agencies creating a culture of dependency, many communities in Northern Uganda are facing mental health issues, HIV AIDS, and alcoholism.

Location: Gulu District, Uganda

Partner: Wakonye Kenwa

Injustice: The disempowerment of local communities in the Gulu District stems largely from the impact of 20 years of war, and the response of foreign aid groups and donors. Aid agencies, while trying to do good, have actually left a legacy of dependency in Northern Uganda. Over-consumption of alcohol is leading to disease and early death. It is disintegrating families and leaving behind orphaned children. In Northern Uganda, the greatest health impacts of alcohol include liver disease, road traffic accidents, mental health problems, and the spread of HIV AIDS through increased risky sexual behavior.

Response: Communities are being mobilized at a small scale to create awareness of alcohol abuse. These communities will work to:

  • Develop Alcoholic Anonymous groups 

  • Conduct Bible studies linking faith, life and justice

  • Advocate for development and enforcement of alcohol restrictions for their district