The crisis in Darfur continues and so does the humanitarian assistance provided by World Renew and its partner agencies. For most of the 20th century, Sudan has been embroiled in civil wars and rebel uprisings. This has resulted in the death of more than 2 million people and the displacement of over 4 million people from their homes.

World Renew has been responding as part of a multi-agency effort to provide emergency assistance to those living in refugee camps and those attempting to rebuild their lives after returning to their homes.

Sudan has been a World Renew relief project site since 2004. The purpose of the project continues to be the support and strengthening of the nutritional standards of an estimated 90,000 conflict affected individuals. In addition, the project encompasses health care, food security, food aid, and activities that re-establish individuals’ means of making an income.

World Renew is partnering with five other organizations to address the humanitarian disaster in Darfur, Sudan. Those organizations include, World Relief, World Concern, Food for the Hungry, MAP International, and North West Medical Teams International. Support is focused on the most vulnerable families in three districts of Western Darfur.

“Nutrition is the heart and core of our intervention” says Ken Little, World Renew Senior Relief Program Manager. This vision statement grows out of a survey conducted by two consultants, Merry Fitzpatrick of World Concern and G.P. Sevenhuysen of CFGB. At their advice, World Renew expanded and enhanced nutrition coverage and activities to better care for children and pregnant/lactating mothers. Women and children are especially vulnerable in Darfur; and according to UNICEF, their health is key to addressing the underlying causes of malnutrition.

In order to address malnutrition, World Renew established women’s health centres in strategic locations throughout Darfur. This way women can walk to centres where they receive health education and a corn-soya-bean mix increasing amounts which increases the amount of protein in their diet. Health education has a special emphasis on clean water and sanitation. This education is then integrated with the construction and maintenance of latrines and community wells.

Food security is integral to World Renew’s plan to improve nutritional standards in West Darfur. By providing agricultural and livelihood tools to vulnerable communities, World Renew is increasing the security of an estimated 48, 000 conflict-affected individuals. Distributions of seeds, donkeys, tools, and natural pesticides help empower families to support themselves. In order to maintain the health of farm animals –necessary to the health of the community- two veterinary clinics were established in the area. 45 community members also received training in livestock treatment and a package of veterinary tools, utensils and drugs.

The most recent phase of the project has been the “Food for Recovery” program. Partnering with the World Food Program, World Renew is supporting 5, 000 vulnerable households with food. In exchange for food 4, 000 households help rebuild the infrastructures of their communities. The remaining 1, 000 households who receive food are extremely vulnerable families who are not asked to work.

With the help of the community World Renew identified a variety of ways to build towards recovery. Some of the projects developed include:  planting and nurturing 60, 000 fruit and shade trees, digging 80 school latrine pits, constructing 12 additional supplementary feeding centres, and excavating 2.5 kilometers of water pipe trenches.

While the civil war continues unabated putting thousands of families at risk, World Renew continues to assist and is in the process of planning its next phase of intervention.