Poverty stricken families in the slums of Dhaka and Tongi are often the victims of trafficking, child marriage/labour, and sexual and physical abuse.

Location: Slums of Dhaka and Tongi, Bangladesh

Partner: Sustainable Association for Taking Human Development Initiatives (SATHI)

Injustice: Poverty stricken families, exacerbated by a patriarchal system rife with polygamy, few job prospects, and illiteracy are often the victims of trafficking, early marriage, child labor, and sexual and physical abuse. A lack of healthy families is a major source of these issues.

Response: SATHI is providing various workshops to around 1500 people (men, women, youth). These include:

  • ‘Family relationship’ workshops to all family members

  • Training for youth in awareness raising activities such as dramas, puppet shows, skits, songs etc.

  • Forming mediation teams including peace and justice committees and local community leaders who will do mediation to transform family conflicts. 

  • Organizing public meetings, seminars and rallies on special international days such as peace day, women's day, family day etc.