North America, the third largest contintent of the world, is home to the majority who support World Renew financially. Yet it is not a continent without need.

World Renew's community development work in the United States is carried about by Communities First Association (CFA).

CFA is a national, ecumenical team of Church and Community Consultants (CCC’s). Each CCC develops leaders in their geographic regions. These leaders are staff or volunteers in churches or Christian community development organizations. They lead citizens (including church members) in their neighborhoods in the work of community transformation.

If your church/organization would like to learn more about how to transform your community, order Communities First, a curriculum produced by the Church and Community Consultants.

Communities First Association is the public “face” of World Renew's work in the United States. CFA was begun by World Renew to include ecumenical Christian leaders in addition to Christian Reformed leaders.


World Renew’s Disaster Response Services responds faithfully to disasters in the United States and Canada.

Volunteers (a.k.a. the Green Shirts) give of their time and talents to help clear debris, assess unmet needs, and rebuild homes after disasters strike.  

Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals, couples and groups.  Contact if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to serve God through World Renew Disaster Response Services