Peace, justice and effective, accountable and inclusive institutions are at the core of sustainable development. Many countries still face protracted armed conflict and violence, and far too many people struggle as a result of weak institutions and the lack of access to justice, information and other fundamental freedoms. Goal 16 deals with violence, abuse, exploitation, trafficking, organized crime, corruption, bribery and terrorism. It calls for legal identity for all, equal access to justice, public access to information, protection of fundamental freedoms, and non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.

World Renew is proud to contribute to this specific SDG through these ministries:

Peace and Justice

World Renew was founded with peace and justice at its core. Over the years, the scope of this work has grown and is now advancing into governance work.


World Renew knows that one of the best ways to respond to the needs of those living in poverty or oppression is to examine the structural issues that create and perpetuate these problems, and then to take action to restore them. This involves advocating for change and encouraging others to do the same.

End Trafficking

World Renew is serious about its work fighting and preventing human trafficking. This is done by improving people’s educations and job opportunities within their home communities, as well as providing training about what human trafficking is and how to prevent it.


Contribute to Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions through World Renew's Peace and Justice programs!

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