When a small group of university students began protesting a sudden move by Ukraine’s government away from an association agreement with the European Union and towards a closer relationship with Russia in November 2013, nobody thought that the protests would swell to the hundreds of thousands, that in three months the government would collapse after a bloody crackdown that killed over 100 protestors, that Russia would covertly invade and annex the Crimean Peninsula, or that today Ukraine and Russia would be engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

In the middle of these whirlwind developments, millions of people have found themselves living in a war zone. Hundreds of thousands  of innocent children and families have been displaced as they attempt to flee the cross-fire and find safety outside the conflict zone.

World Renew is partnering with Resonate Global Mission, Association for Spiritual Renewal (ASR) and Russian Ministries, to provide food to internally displaced families. Russian Ministries and ASR are also striving to provide assistance to families that are trapped in the war zones and unable to leave. Partners are providing seminars and materials to pastors and Christian counselors to equip them to provide holistic outreach and counseling to affected families. ASR is also providing coaching to people in finding jobs in their new areas of residence.

More country information coming soon. 

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