World Renew is committed to caring for the world that God made. We acknowledge that God is the creator of all things, and has called us to be faithful stewards of creation.

This call to environmental stewardship also shapes how we work alongside the poor. Partnerships and programs must include wise stewardship of creation’s resources as we help people improve their lives. In this way the results will be sustainable and benefits may continue over time. 

In addition, our programs must combine stewardship with a look at justice. "A poor man’s field may produce abundant food but injustice sweeps it away." (Proverbs 13: 23).

The poor are often disadvantaged by resource policies and practices regarding land, water, forests and minerals. This requires justice interventions that advocate for both the poor and creation.

Distorted resource policies may also contribute to environmental refugees, requiring new or additional disaster response. Stewardship and justice on climate change are also urgent in many countries and communities.

Finally, the call for environmental stewardship also extends to those in North America.  Our call to environmental stewardship does not just exist “out there.” We must all be reminded  of our own responsibility for environmental and climate stewardship. Together with the poor, we must conserve and protect the world around us, in this way we can globally be good stewards of God’s creation.


Climate Conversation: Kenya 
(video series*)

For millions of subsistence farmers in Kenya, climate change is not a political debate. It is a reality in which adaptation can mean the difference between life and death. The Climate Conversation: Kenya video series is a chance to move past the white noise and to get up close and personal with the issues of climate change and environmental stewardship. It is a chance to meet people, not statistics; to hear stories, not arguments. It is an invitation to a conversation.

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