Living Justice, Loving Mercy, Serving Christ

Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, we join communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives, and restore creation.

Because you care about:


795 million people in the world experience hunger every day, living without enough food to lead a productive life. You can change that. Join World Renew in helping entire communities escape poverty through programs that bring about enough food, good health, and fruitful work for the long term.

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Enough Food
Fruitful Work
Good Health


When disasters strike, those who were already living in poverty are the most vulnerable. You can share God’s love with them in a real and tangible way. Join World Renew in responding to disasters in North America and around the world, and in assisting refugees.

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International Disaster Response
North American Disaster Response

Peace & Justice

Poverty can’t be addressed without also tackling the structures and systems that keep people poor. Join World Renew in building peace, fighting injustice, and advocating for lasting change around the world.

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Peace & Justice
Creation Care
Gender Justice
Trafficking Prevention