Peace & Justice

World Renew was founded with a heart for peace and justice. Over the years, the actions we have taken to work towards peace and justice have grown in scope and boldness. We begin by listening to the communities where we work.

The voice of our partners and partner communities is key to shaping World Renew's response to conflict and to the injustices where we work. Not only do we seek to respond but we seek to amplify the voices of our partners and partner communities.

We do not intend to speak for people; we seek ways that people can be heard in their own voices and be active in their own responses. We also know that this work is difficult and that action is required from all of us wherever God has placed us.

Partner with us in this work by supporting one of the projects listed below. Each has a defined fundraising goal. When a project is fully funded, we will bring a new project to your attention.

Gender Justice

Guatemala | $5,000

Post-Conflict Trauma Healing

Nigeria | $5,047

Post-Conflict Recovery

Uganda | $2,000

Trafficking & Abuse Prevention

Bangladesh | $3,500 - GOAL REACHED!