Community Economic Development

Help shape a community’s economic development from within

Community economic development drives social, environment and economic change.

The purpose of community economic development is:

Revitalize communities
Develop affordable housing
Promote sustainability
Attract investment
Build wealth
Encourage financial independence

World Renew’s approach to economic development recognizes what links need to be made within a community in order for them to make the most out of their existing resources and economic opportunities. We help communities generate their own solutions to ensure long term goals will be met.

Village Savings and Loan Association

A simple yet powerful system

A Village Savings and Loan Association or VSLA, is a group of individuals who regularly meet to save money together and take small loans out of those savings. They exist to provide communities that do not have easy access to formal financial services with facilities to loan.

These loans can be used for individuals to start their own business, purchase clothing, seek health services, educate their children, and more.

VSLA programs provide many benefits to the developing world, including:

Accountable governance
Standardized procedures
Long-term economic stability

They are also easy to implement and have proven to be effective. Because it is not a resource-heavy program, all members of communities can participate and learn to become self-sufficient, which is essential in improving their standard of living.

Literacy and Skills Training

Tools to pave way for a brighter future

Literacy skills and training programs have been an incredibly powerful tool in helping communities build on their skills, increase their opportunity for acquiring fulfilling livelihoods, and fostering perseverance.

Our training programs aim to do the following:

Combat illiteracy among communities, especially marginalised people
Empower communities by teaching them the techniques and skills to address problems in their daily life
Promote social networking and relationship building


People have benefited through World Renew’s economic programming in the last 10 years.

The Impact of Economic Development

How economic development can be the tide of change

Economic development can create jobs and increase investment within a community when done well.

Here are some other benefits improved economic development can bring:

Boost Income

When communities have the opportunity to focus on their own development, opportunities for work and higher income can arise. This often saves many families from the threat of poverty, and greatly improves the quality of life for the generations ahead.

Lower Unemployment

Better opportunities for growth and employment, brings better economic development within communities. This leads to investments, higher output and positive economic growth. With more businesses able to open, more jobs would become available as well.

Protect the Environment

As communities develop economically, there can be a better understanding of the roots of many community issues. There can be more focus on the health of the environment, and more resources can be allocated to promoting sustainability, which will help keep communities healthier and happier in the long-term.

Stories of opportunities

Reigniting hope & enacting change from within communities

Creating a Beautiful Legacy of Literacy in Haiti

Although Josette did not have the skills to even write out her own name and had no idea what classroom life would be like, she stepped into the unknown and used some of her precious time she would normally use to earn an income to sign up for an “alpha” (beginner) adult literacy class.

Today, Josette is an eager student, excited by what she is learning and looking forward to building up her reading and writing skills that will help improve her future.

Your gift saves lives

Provide donations & help advocate for change

Community Economic Development is a crucial key to creating a better and brighter future for communities in the long-run.

Your donations help make a difference. When you donate money to World Renew, you help support programs that work across the country and around the world to help renew hope and transform communities in ways that count.