World Renew has been working in Malawi since 1989.


World Renew has been working in Malawi since 1989.

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Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries. Several issues continue to keep Malawi in poverty. These include drought, declining soil fertility, low levels of education, government corruption, high population density, flood, poor soil fertility, inflation, poor agricultural yield, and the pandemic spread of HIV/AIDS. 

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Partners In Malawi

Through CCAP, World Renew reaches out to communities spread throughout central Malawi. In these communities, church leaders are encouraged to form diaconal committees. At the same time, “Women in Development” groups meet to train women on improved agricultural techniques including seed multiplication, food storage, and establishing tree nurseries. Women also receive training in nutrition, sanitation, using mosquito nets, and Biblical concepts of family life and sexuality.

Women’s groups are used to track the health of under-five children and teach mothers how to intervene and improve the health status of their children. Training to run small businesses and small loans to enable those businesses to grow provide the dignity of being able to meet family financial needs as well as giving back to God through local churches. Both men and women are engaged in literacy classes and specific projects that meet community felt needs.

Literacy training impacts the lives of thousands of Malawians each year giving them confidence to become more active participants in church and community leadership. Communities are engaged in a range of specific projects including composting latrines, small-scale irrigation and orphan nursery schools.

Through CCAP, World Renew reaches out to communities throughout central Malawi. In these communities, church leaders are encouraged to form diaconal committees which encourages members of the church and community to work together to respond to challenges and needs in their community. Through working together to tackle community problems, communities become more resilient and empowered and are ready to tackle bigger challenges and help the most vulnerable in their community.

World Renew is also helping to improve the health of children and pregnant women in communities around one of Nkhoma’s health center which has high levels of malnutrition and stunting. Through working with CCAP’s health department, we are strengthening the health systems by providing additional trainings for community health staff and local village health volunteers. We also seek to improve the communities’ access to food by offering training on Climate Smart Agriculture/Conservation Agriculture. We promote drought resistant crops and encouraging families to grow food year round so that they have improved access to food.

World Renew works with Eagle Relief and Development Committee to help local churches be the solution to problems in the community, instead of waiting for other NGO’s to come up with a solution. Together we help church leaders identify the problems in the community and find available resources.

World Renew has been working with Word Alive since 2015 on a HIV prevention project. This behavior change intervention target girls (14-24 years old) who frequently sell goods to earn money and occasionally engage in transactional sex when they don’t earn enough money. By providing girls groups with adult mentors or female youth mentors, girls can gather to talk about challenges they face, support one another and receive correct information about their sexual reproductive health. Girls are encouraged to go to school while other learn skills so that they can start their own business or work for other people, thereby providing them with alternative livelihood options. This project seeks to confront the lies that it is ok and normal for girls to engage in transaction to earn money.

World Renew also address some of the challenges that cause girls to drop out of school. Often schools are not safe places for girls. They are propositions and pressured into relationship and/or sex by their male peers, as well as male teachers. Through Word Alive, we seek to highlight this in schools and help the school to engage in conversation about why this is not acceptable. We also help set up mechanism which girls and boys can go to if they experience or witness this occurring in their school.

Word Alive is also piloting a project which seeks to help one of their churches and their surrounding community to work with other churches to address challenges in their community. Through doing bible studies, members learn about how God provides all of us with resources to care for our neighbor and his creation. Through churches working with community, they are addressing challenges such as soil infertility, deforestation, lack of food availability and etc.

World Renew has been working with the development department of the Anglican Church since 2016 to support their efforts to help their churches to work together to support the vulnerable households and address their communal challenges.

The Anglican Council would like their members to understand God’s calling for his people and to understand that the church’s role is not only preaching and spiritual discipleship, but also to care for the vulnerable in their community. Through this process, the Anglican Council hope to help their community to be more unified, to work together and be more prepared for disasters which may affect their community.

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