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Feb 24, 2017 by Faye Yu

Thirty Minutes

These girls, between the ages of 14 and 21, began engaging in sex to earn money for their family’s survival. Some of the girls shared stories of how they got started in transactional sex. Here’s one story, shared by M.T.:I made losses in sales one day. I made a few big doughnuts and charged the usual price of MK50 (USD$0.07) each. I wanted to sell my goods fast and go home to play with friends. After selling all the doughnuts, I realized there was a loss of MK400.00 (USD$0.55). I need to bring home at least MK2,500 (USD$3.43), but I only made MK2,100 (USD$2.88). I knew... Read More
Feb 17, 2017 by Grace Wiebe

Learning about Aquaculture

It was also wonderful to smell the salty air and be in the humid environment once again. When we work in barangays (villages) along the coast, we are assisting many fisherfolk. One day we went out on a boat to visit a seaweed farming project on another island. I’ve loved getting out on the water and visiting our projects. I learned more about aqua culture components of our project on this trip.The Canadian Government First Secretary to the Philippines and their program officer joined me in visiting our projects during this trip. World Renew’s Director of Disaster... Read More