Your one dollar multiplies to $1.60 in impact because of the matching grants that World Renew accesses.

8% is put aside for future disaster response and community development program.

92% is invested in program and general operating support.

World Renew directs just 18 cents of the remaining $1.48 to…

  • operating systems that will expand with us
  • marketing and fundraising to stretch your dollar further
  • communicating with churches, donors, and volunteers to activate prayer and engagement
  • and management staff, including systems and programs excellence teams

This leaves $1.29 to make World Renew’s concrete presence in a poor community or disaster-affected area possible.

Many relationships and partnerships are built to bring about change… and many things are needed to support the work of fighting poverty and injustice.

Recovery and rehabilitation after a disaster demands new infrastructure, staff, and materials.

Ultimately your one dollar means World Renew’s presence is experienced many times over as God’s grace made REAL.

This grace shines on the faces of people whose stories, once despairing, are changed into stories of hope!

That’s your dollar at work in the world through World Renew.