A catastrophic earthquake shook Nepal on April 25, 2015 and caused tremors as far away as China and Pakistan. A major aftershock occurred on May 12, 2015, causing further destruction. The death toll from these earthquakes is over 9,000, and thousands of additional people have been reported injured or missing.

World Renew is registered as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) in Nepal, working directly and with a local NGO to bring relief to earthquake survivors in Nepal. It is the country’s worst disaster in 80 years. World Renew, with the support of its constituents, Integral Alliance members, and other institutions, has raised $3,400,000 USD to help those most in need in this catastrophe.

The support that World Renew provides is reaching communities near the epicenter of the second earthquake, and the Reformed Church of Nepal has been instrumental in the distribution of emergency supplies during the initial response phase.

During the emergency and early recovery phases World Renew provided direct support, which included:

  • Working with Christian Reformed World Missions, Crossway Disaster Response team, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary (EPTS) to provide a one-week supply of emergency food assistance and 140 tarps to 1,942 families

  • Providing an additional two week supply of rice, lentils, oil, salt and nutrilla (soybean-based product) to 1,325 families

  • Providing plastic buckets, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, feminine products, laundry soap, comb and oral rehydration tablets to 1,325 families along with hygiene messages

  • Distributing tarps and rope to 1,325 households for emergency shelter

  • Providing blankets to 6,633 families (1-4 blankets per household)

  • Distributing 1,768 temporary shelter kits consisting of 16 sheets of corrugated galvanized iron sheets, law hammer, tie wire, and nails

  • Providing 328 Sawyer water filters to provide portable water to 9,457 individuals

  • Providing 2,000 oral rehydration sachets to Female Community Health Volunteers for community use particularly during the monsoon season

  • Supporting the health of 751 children through education via 10 child clubs and hygiene camps

  • Completing the repair and protection of 4 water sources in 3 wards restoring access to potable water for 246 households.

  • Training 13 Female Community Health Volunteers in Hygiene practices

  • Contracting with the Centre for Mental Health and Counselling – Nepal (CMC-Nepal) to train 13 Female Community Health volunteers on Psychological First Aid (PFA) so that they are better able to recognize trauma. Identified cases were then counseled by Community Psycho Social Workers and four people were referred to Kathmandu for additional treatment.

  • Completing the construction and repair of 429 latrines and helping communities work towards declaring an Open Defecation Free Status.

  • Contracting with Build Change for the training of 110 masons in earthquake resistant construction techniques.

Thanks to our partners and generous supporters, World Renew expects to be implementing projects through May 2017. Over the next two years World Renew will continue to help earthquake survivors rebuild their homes, as over 500,000 homes were completely destroyed and over 270,000 were severely damaged in the earthquakes.

Even with these projects, the need is still great. Continued support would allow us to expand houses to neighbouring villages, repair more water sources, and address the livelihood rehabilitation needs. Please give today. 

World Renew Nepal Earthquake Response: 1 Year Update

International Relief Managers:
Peter Diepersloot, Harry and Annie Bergshoeff, Mike & Colleen Hoyer, Greta & Harry Harsevoort, Dwayne Nienhuis
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