Over 40 million people across South Asia are experiencing devastating floods.

Recent monsoons have left much of the region below the waterline, with the worst flooding in a century. Homes have been destroyed and crops have been plunged underwater. The livelihoods of millions are at risk and even the basics of food and clean drinking water are in limited supply. More than 1,200 people have been killed by these floods.

In addition to the devastating floods in Bangladesh, a mass influx of Rohingya refugees have entered the country from Myanmar. Nearly 300,000 people have fled extreme violence in Myanmar in less than three weeks. Bangladesh does not have the capacity to meet the needs of these persecuted families.

Those who were already living in extreme poverty are among the most severely affected.

World Renew is responding to the needs of families in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

In Bangladesh, as floodwaters recede the true extent of damage is becoming more apparent. The crops that many families depended so heavily on have been destroyed. World Renew is helping 5,500 people get back on their feet by providing wheat and vegetable seeds to replace the seed stock that families lost.

In India, a network of local partners has placed World Renew in a position to respond to the floods. Through local partners 1,250 people have already received food assistance, and thousands more will receive life-saving assistance in the weeks to come.

In Nepal, families have already received emergency supplies to meet their immediate needs after losing many of their possessions from the floods. One of the most significant needs right now is access to clean drinking water, and World Renew is providing 200 families with water filters.

We are thankful for the generosity of supporters that have made this work possible, but the needs are still enormous. Millions still lack access to some of the essentials including food, water and shelter.

Continued support is urgently needed to help meet these needs. Please pray families affected by the floods, and for the Rohingya refugees, and donate generously today.

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Photo credit: Tearfund UK