Free A Family

When you give a monthly gift to the Free A Family program, World Renew and our local partners help families start their journey out of poverty.

Free a Family

When you give a monthly gift to the Free a Family program, World Renew partners with local churches and nonprofits to free families from the grip of poverty. That means your generosity not only touches a life, it helps transform an entire community.


$27 a month is all it takes to give one more family the opportunity to join World Renew’s programming. You bring hope to these families by:

  • Providing tools and training in sustainable farming
  • Improving access to community health support
  • Establishing a Village Savings and Loan program to save and access small loans
  • Promoting gender equity, reconciliation, nonviolence, or trauma healing (depending on community context and needs) through peace and justice curriculum

Your gift also allows World Renew to bring disaster response programs and recovery supplies to those families touched by conflict or natural disaster.

You can join this story of change today. As a thank you, World Renew will start sending you our quarterly issue of Family-to-Family Magazine, keeping you connected with some of the inspiring families whom you will come alongside everyday.



Responds to the global hunger crisis with climate-adaptive farming.

Establishes community-run banks for lending and savings.

Improves access to clean water and nutrition training to help prevent disease and malnutrition.

Equips local communities to heal from trauma and end the cycle of domestic violence.

Provides emergency food and shelter along with supplies to rebuild communities.

Featured Free A Family Story:
Sandress and Loyce | Parents & Farmers | Zambia

Sandress and Loyce are parents to 5 adult children and 3 younger children who live at home. Both Sandress and Loyce are determined providers; farming, herding their animals, and investing in their land together. Free A Family® has given them the resources to cultivate their land, pay school fees, save for a permanent home that can withstand disasters, and provide enough food for their children. Thanks to Free A Family, Sandress and Loyce’s family has found a new beginning. Want to follow their family and others? Give to Free A Family and you can follow the stories of program families every single quarter.


Your gift of $27 a month or $324 a year equips another family to join World Renew’s programming and begin their journey out of poverty. Through you, World Renew comes alongside that family as they holistically change their story and find hope and opportunity for their children. Thank you for journeying with the families of the world.

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In Honduras, a mother earns enough to send her children to school. In Laos, a father learns to raise pigs and keep bees to improve his family’s income. In Mozambique, families experience the joy of good health after latrines are built, and in Nigeria, mothers find hope after losing their husbands to violence over property rights. All over the world, families are finding freedom from the cycle of poverty. Here, you will find some of their stories.