(UGANDA) This is the fourth year that World Renew has supported the implementation of a food security project in two districts of Katakwi and Amuria in Eastern Uganda with funding from the Foods Resource Bank (FRB). In that time the project, implemented in partnership with PAG Katakwi Integrated Development Organization (KIDO), has reached more than 1,800 farmers in 12 rural communities. The most vulnerable people in the community have now been equipped with new skills and agricultural techniques.

Asano Christine is a widow and the mother of five children ages 16 to seven years old. Christine lost her husband during a rebel attack of the Lord’s Resistance Army during one of the times of unrest in Uganda. Christine is a member of the EKEUNOS (“let us rise up”) farmer’s group. She explains how her membership in the group has benefited the group members collectively and as individuals.

"As a group, we participated in training about food security and income generation,” Christine says. The trainings, led by KIDO, enabled us as a group to establish a shared garden where we planted tomatoes in a nursery bed and then transplanted and tended diligently. We spent 18,000 Ugandan Shillings (UGX, about US$7) to buy the seeds, and from our harvest and we earned a total of UGX 800,000 (US$320). If we had not had a hail storm during the growing season, we could have earned as much as UGX 1.5 million (US$600). Together, we used our profit to buy a cow and to loan to group members."

On a personal level, Christine says that the training, especially the subject of “envisioning,” opened her eyes to her personal potential—whether or not she was a widow.

"During the training, I developed an action plan that I then implemented. I bought millet to plant on one acre of my land. Although the harvest was not as good as I expected, I harvested about 220 kgs of millet. I sold part of the harvest (150kgs) and used the proceeds of UGX 150,000 to start a restaurant business. Now I make a profit of UGX 45,000 (US$20) a day, which enables me to support my family and take care of basic needs like medical care and education for my children."

With a smile of satisfaction, Christine says her standard of living has greatly improved, and she has great new hopes and plans for the future of her family.

In neighboring nearby community of Morungatuny, 27-year-old Ariokot Angella is celebrating the benefits of belonging to a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). Her group started in 2012 after the members were trained by World Renew in food security. Angella works on the housekeeping staff at the Morungatuny Health Center and operates a tailoring business for additional income. At the start of 2013, Angella's women’s group, the Shalom farmer’s group was trained in Village Savings and Loans (VSL). With that training, together, the 36 members saved their money and started giving out loans to the group members. The project provided group members like Angella a much-needed opportunity to invest in her textile business.

"I had a sewing machine but lacked the capital to buy fabric for sewing,” Angella says. “I got a UGX 300,000 (about US$120) loan from the group which I used to buy ten rolls of textile materials. Then my neighbors began to request made-to-order clothing from me. I earn UGX 30,000 (about US$10) a day from my tailoring business and that has helped me to be able to support my husband in providing for our family. Now I plan to go back to tailoring school to learn how to sew more complicated designs and then I will be able to expand my business further."


  • Thank God for the households that, through His work, he is changing for the better and that brings new hope and a smile to people’s faces.
  • Thank God for World Renew’s work in Uganda, for the protection, provision, and safety He has given to us.


  • Strength and safety as we travel poor roads.
  • Safety in northern Uganda in view of the conflict in Southern Sudan. 

Edward and Milly Okiror

Program Consultant
World Renew Uganda