Best Gifts for Grandparents

Looking to spread some love this Christmas season? Here are our top 5 gifts for grandparents from our Gift Catalog!

1. Weighing Scale for Babies

Poor nutrition in their first five years can leave children with physical, mental, and health deficits that last a lifetime. You can provide a community health worker with a weighing scale for babies to measure their growth monthly and teach moms about feeding, nutrition, hygiene, and pre- and post-natal care.


2. 12 Months of Christmas

As a part of the 12 Months of Christmas Club, you will receive a donation reminder highlighting a poverty-fighting item from this catalog each month of the year. This year, the gifts include a goat, ducks, a family-sized water filter, beehives, childhood nutrition kits – and much more!


3. Agriculture Training

Help farmers learn new agriculture methods through World Renew so they can grow more food to eat. Training topics include climate adaptation, soil conservation, composting, permaculture, low-till techniques, and access to improved seeds and tools.


4. Free-A-Family

For just $27 a month or $324 a year, you can help families around the world overcome poverty by learning skills in agriculture, health, nutrition, and literacy from World Renew. The result is more nutritious food, clean water, better health, and enough income for families and their communities.


5. Farmer Field School: Shelter

Provide an established group of Farmer Field School trainers and students with a center for learning by supplying materials for a simple shelter. The shelters encourage learning, collaboration, and shared responsibility that help boost agriculture production and benefit those who live with poverty.


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