Top 5 Gifts for Justice Seekers

Have someone on your list who is always pursuing the greatest good for all? We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for justice seekers from our Gift Catalog!

Agriculture Training

Help farmers learn new agriculture techniques so that they can grow more food to eat and sell for income. World Renew teaches subsistence farmers new crop-growing methods such as climate adaptation, soil conservation, and making organic compost to ensure sustainable crops for seasons to come.


Emergency Food for a Month

In a crisis, food and other essential supplies can be scarce. Help provide a month of food staples to a family experiencing a disaster overseas. This gift includes a month’s supply of beans, rice, cooking oil, and more to nourish an extended family group.


VSLA Starter Kit

Village Savings and Loan Associations allow communities with no access to banks an opportunity to save and borrow money. Giving a starter kit empowers individuals, both women and men, to learn how to pool their money in a joint savings account, approve small business loans at reasonable interest rates, hold each other accountable, and build hope for a better future.


Family Sized Water Filter

In many communities, water collection takes valuable time away from women and children. Water filters help to clean water and protect families from water-borne diseases. Send the hope of clean water this holiday season!


Free a Family

For less than $1 a day, you can help families around the world overcome poverty. Through World Renew programmes in their own community, people learn skills in leadership, agriculture, health, nutrition, literacy, and much more.


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