Best Gifts for Parents and Grandparents

Looking to spread some love this Christmas season? Here are our top 5 gifts for parents and grandparents from our Gift Catalog!

DRS Clean Up After a Disaster

Homes mean so much to our families, especially around the holidays. With this gift, send the hope of home and recovery to families facing natural disasters in North America!


First 1000 Days

Good health in the first 1,000 days of life, from conception to two years old, is critical to a baby’s survival. This gift provides training for community volunteers who visit expectant mothers and newborns at home.


Baby Scale

Healthy babies are such an important part of a community. This gift will provide a baby weighing scale and height measure to track the growth of a child. Parents and grandparents will love to spread this joy to communities around the world!


Family Sized Water Filters

Help parents and families have access to clean drinking water through family sized water filters! This gift not only protects families from water-borne diseases, but frees up the time women and children would have spent collecting water.


Nutrition Kits for Kids

To grow up healthy, children need nutritious food every day. This gift of a nutrition kit helps supplement children’s diets to insure that they get the vitamins and minerals they need for a lifetime of good health!


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