Best Gifts for Sustainability Champions

In need of a meaningful gift for a individual who is passionate about the environment? Here’s the top 5 gifts for sustainability champions from our Gift Catalogue that are sure to make them smile!

Solar Dehydrator

Without access to electricity, preserving some food can be difficult. A solar dehydrator allows families to dry fruit and vegetables so that they are shelf stable. The dried food is ground into powder to add to bread, tortillas, and beverages. Smart and nutritious!



Bees are a crucial part of our environment! The gift of a beehive provides a farmer with honey year-round and increases crop production for a whole community by pollinating fruits and vegetables for several miles around the hive.


Farmer Field School Starter Pack

Sustainable farming has become evermore important as we see the effects of changing climates. A Farmer Field School Starter Pack that has everything needed to launch a group of subsistence farmers into earning a more adequate income. The starter pack includes a half-acre farm plot, gloves, boots, hand tools, and other equipment. It also includes seeds, bio-herbicides, and training in new agriculture and crop storage methods for food access year-round.


Green Manure

Overtime, traditional farming methods can cause soil depletion, requiring a boost in nutrients to raise healthy crops. Green manure significantly improves soil fertility to help farm families grow more food to eat and sell for income. You can help a farmer see a nutritious harvest!


Variety Seed Packets

Traditional foods like corn or rice and beans provide calories, but not enough nutrients for long-term health. Your gift of new seed varieties provides hard-working parents and growing children with produce like spinach, long beans, carrots, and tomatoes for more balanced meals that include the vitamins and minerals required for good health.


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