Have any “foodies” on your holiday list?

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for avid cooks and food fans from our Gift Catalog! You’ll make someone’s Christmas merry and bright while helping families around the world eat more nutritious meals everyday.


Kitchen Garden Kit


A kitchen garden provides a family with nutritious vegetables right outside their door. When space is tight, a sack garden is a great way to add fresh produce to meals and cooking. Give a kitchen garden kit that includes 5 sacks and 5 seed packets to grow food for good health. Just add water and sunshine, and a family can grow their own delicious, nutritious food!

Tools for Farming


Give farmers tools to help them get their work done. Green manure improves the soil, a jab planter helps in sowing seeds, and a loop hoe eases weeding in small spaces. Your gift of these 3 tools helps a family grow enough food to eat year-round, and improve their health and wellbeing.

Friendship Pack: Goat and Chickens


Good friends help each other. The friendship pack includes four chickens and a goat, so farming families have plenty of milk and eggs throughout the year to eat and enjoy—and to sell for a profit. A friendship pack makes a fun gift for the foodie on your list!

Solar Dehydrator


Without electricity or refrigeration, families need to find ways to preserve their food. A solar dehydrator keeps food clean as the sun’s heat dries food like vegetables and fruit. Families can then grind the food into powder to add nutrition when cooking meals. A solar dehydrator is a practical gift that helps families eat tasty, nutrient-rich food everyday.

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