To learn more about World Renew’s work internationally, visit our Canadian website.

World Renew Canada


To learn more about World Renew’s work internationally, visit our Canadian website.

World Renew Canada

Today, World Renew’s ministry in Canada focuses on engaging Christians, churches, businesses, and schools in learning about and responding to disaster, hunger, poverty and injustice. This ministry takes many forms:

Domestic Disaster Response
When disasters strike on Canadian soil, World Renew responds through its Disaster Response Services.  Volunteers (a.k.a. “the Greenshirts”) give of their time and talents to help clear debris, assess unmet needs, make repairs, and completely rebuild homes after disasters strike. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals, couples, and groups.  Contact [email protected] for more information.

Refugee Resettlement
Canada is unique among nations that welcome refugees. That’s because it is the only country that allows sponsorship of refugees by private organizations. World Renew is one of a handful of Canadian agencies that have been granted a sponsorship agreement by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This sponsorship agreement allows Christian Reformed congregations and other churches or groups in Canada to sponsor refugees through World Renew.

In addition to refugee sponsorship, World Renew also speaks up about refugee issues and encourages Canadians to join them in voicing concerns about immigration reform and refugee rights.

Community Development
World Renew’s community development ministry in Canada is carried out by Diaconal Ministries Canada (DMC).  DMC partners with churches and ministries across Canada to demonstrate God’s love in their own communities. This includes inspiring, equipping, and encouraging deacons, churches, and their partners to join in God’s transforming work.

World Renew provides a variety of ways for Canadians to learn about and get involved in its ministry. This includes volunteer opportunities, advocacy, fundraising suggestions and more.

World Renew Partners In Canada

Thirty years ago, World Renew was one of five founding members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  Today, this organization is comprised of 15 member organizations who are all committed to providing a Christian response to global hunger.  On behalf of its members, Foodgrains Bank collects grain and cash donations, provides funds and expert advice for projects, and manages the purchase and shipment of food aid.

World Renew encourages Canadians to support its Foodgrains Bank account by participating in Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday in early March or by hosting or joining a community growing project.

World Renew is grateful to partner with the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada has supported World Renew for more than 30 years.  Today, in addition to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) funding through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, World Renew receives Canadian government funding support for:

  • Maternal & Child Health in Malawi & Bangladesh
  • Protecting Adolescent Health & Rights in Senegal & Nigeria
  • Sustainable Livelihoods in Mozambique, Honduras, Mali, Bangladesh & Tanzania

Through this funding, World Renew can leverage donations from individuals and churches and receive a 3:1 match for its programs.

World Renew has also received funding from the Canadian government for its response to the on-going conflict in Syria.

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