The Difference Good Nutrition Makes

Five years of punishing drought and excessive rain have left millions across Central America’s “dry corridor” food insecure. They’re hungry and scared and COVID-19 is making their suffering worse.

Vilma Lezama feels these burdens keenly. A preventative health volunteer for World Renew’s local partner, and a mother herself, Vilma provides nutrition and health training and support to mothers and monitors the health of children in her village from birth to age 5.

In Honduras—and the 14 other countries where World Renew provides maternal child health programs—mothers and children receive nutrition essentials such as vitamins, medicines, and soybeans to make soy milk, when other milk is not available. This ensures good, solid nutrition to help mothers through pregnancy and small children through the first years of life.

Vilma has also successfully learned and implemented aquaponics systems to grow fish and vegetables in a self-sustaining way and shares knowledge with other local mothers. “We also promote gardens, so that mothers can produce part of their food at home,” Vilma explains. “I feel

proud and grateful to God for my harvests. I am hopeful and relieved.”

Vilma isn’t the only one benefiting from these important lessons in health and nutrition. When World Renew’s partner met Maira twenty-five years ago, she was pregnant and lacked the nutrition required for a healthy pregnancy, but they were able to provide the nutrition items that Maira needed to carry her daughter, Marie, to full term.

Today, Maira is teaching Marie—and Marie’s own three children—how to farm through aquaponics, giving her entire family the skills to meet their needs now and in the future.

Vilma, Maira, and the thousands of other mothers around the world participating in World Renew maternal child health programs are beautiful examples of the lasting difference good nutrition makes.

This Christmas season, you can share the love and hope of Christ by giving mothers and their children the nutrition essentials they so eagerly long for.

$19 provides life-giving nutrition essentials like vitamins, medicine, and soybeans for milk to a mother and her child. $190 provides for 10 mothers and their children. Will you share the hope of good nutrition today?

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