Ukraine Response

Your gifts have made it possible for World Renew to support families affected by the conflict in Ukraine for months to come.


Your gifts have made it possible for World Renew to support families affected by the conflict in Ukraine for months to come.

At World Renew, we are overwhelmed by the support given to people left vulnerable, displaced, and traumatized by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Working with other members in our global response network, World Renew has been able to provide emergency food, shelter items, and medical care to families affected by this tragic conflict. Because of your incredible generosity, our network is able to meet these critical needs in the coming months.

Here are just a few ways gifts like yours have shared Christ’s hope with people left vulnerable by this crisis:

  • In central and eastern Ukraine, where food is becoming scarce, people are receiving emergency food as well as other essential relief items.
  • Displaced and conflict-affected households in the region of Transcarpathia, where an estimated 500,000 displaced people now reside, are receiving cash assistance to support their emergency food and non-food needs.
  • Refugees in Moldova—where 89% of refugees are women and children—are receiving much-needed medical care.

Thank you for your compassion and your gifts. Please continue to keep the people impacted by conflict in Ukraine in your prayers.

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A Prayer for Ukraine

Creator God, Lord of all, our Prince of Peace, we come to you in this time of conflict in Ukraine. Our hearts are heavy with all the precious lives we hold and with the reality of the violence so many are experiencing. We pray for peace.

We pray for those who are in positions to make decisions that can create a peaceful path. May you grant wisdom to world leaders to bring about a ceasefire. We pray for wisdom.

We pray for those who are not in positions of power and yet boldly are standing and marching for peace to come. May you grant protection for the people who are caught in the crosshairs of hostilities. We pray for safety.

We pray for those who are searching for safety and seeking refuge within and beyond the borders of Ukraine. We pray for people around the world to love each other as neighbors. We pray for mercy.

We pray that your Spirit will empower us to be bold in our love for sisters and brothers in Ukraine. May our actions point to the love that you call us to live and the peace that you desire for all nations to have. We pray for justice.

We pray this in Your All Powerful Name, Jesus. Hear our prayer. Amen.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues, food insecurity is growing all over the world. By supporting our response to the global food crisis, you can help to meet the urgent food needs of vulnerable families worldwide.