This year, you have the chance to help spread radical generosity around the world. Give a gift for good this Giving Tuesday, and help make a real difference in someone’s life. Let’s work together to combat poverty with meaningful gifts that last.

Giving Tuesday

Global hunger, climate disasters, COVID-19. There are many sobering stories to read, feel, and consider as we reflect on the troubles our world faces. But what if you could be part of telling a different story?

This Giving Tuesday, World Renew has partnered with churches committed to changing the story of poverty for good in tangible ways. By giving to one of these churches, you can join in World Renew’s work through a project like bringing 200 latrines to Laos or 1200 bicycles to Bangladesh. Last year, our Giving Tuesday efforts raised nearly $1.5 million dollars. Help us continue to faithfully change the story of poverty and support a cause or country that you care about. 

By joining with World Renew, you can give a gift for good—a tangible gift that can change a life and help end poverty. So whether it is a latrine, a bike for kids to get to school, or some chicks to give a start to a family farm, you’ll be making a radical difference, and giving someone the chance to move forward in hope.

Give today, love like Jesus, and help
spread some generosity around the world.

Give a Latrine

A latrine is an unusual gift, but giving families and communities a clean, safe place to go is vital for health and dignity. Help meet a critical need by giving a family the materials they need to build a latrine of their own. Practical but meaningful, a latrine is a great gift!

Give a Bike to a Child

Children in remote villages often live too far from a school to walk there, so they only complete a few years of basic education. Your gift of a bicycle for a child, especially girls, helps them finish school. Help kids get on the move to a better future!

Give Some Chickens

Chickens provide food rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients, especially for growing children. You can give one chicken for $3—or give multiple chickens to help a family fill an entire coop!

Give a Latrine ($100)
Give a Bicycle ($52)
GIVE Some chickens ($3)

Not quite what you are looking for?

There are so many other gift options available in our online Gift Catalog! Select an item you care about, and help spread hope around the world this Giving Tuesday.

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