World Renew has been working in Haiti since 1975.


World Renew has been working in Haiti since 1975.

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An incredible artistic tradition, cloud forests, and unique culture are just some of the lesser-known aspects of Haiti. While Haiti is the first Caribbean nation to attain sovereignty, it has been plagued by corruption, violence, and poverty. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country continues to be plagued by issues of personal security, economic decline, and questionable governing.

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Disaster Response


The sociopolitical situation in Haiti continues to worsen, which has contributed to delays in Haiti filling out required documentation to receive shots of the COVID-19 vaccine from the World Health Organization. As a result, not a single shot of the COVID-19 vaccine has been administered in the country as of late April 2021. That being said, World Renew’s COVID-19 awareness campaign in the country has reached 500,000 different Haitians with valuable information about virus prevention. Through your generous support, these efforts continue.

Please pray for the people of Haiti: that the sociopolitical gains achieved during the last decade will not be lost, that the country will complete the required processes to receive the badly needed vaccine, and that the situation for thousands of Haitians who are suffering will not worsen further.

Poverty around the world has only grown more pronounced because of COVID-19. Some estimates say humanitarian progress has been set back 25 years by this pandemic. Your gifts to Haiti go straight towards allowing World Renew to continue and, hopefully, scale up our programming in response. We can’t meet these needs without you.

Partners in Haiti

Program for Training Diaconal Organizations (PWOFOD) PWOFOD works with churches in urban Port-au-Prince neighborhoods. Through PWOFOD programs, church deacons are trained to reach out to people in the community. PWOFOD also helps churches start small-loan programs for business owners, and literacy classes for adults.

The CRC of Haiti is involved in youth ministries, developing church leadership, evangelism, women’s programs, diaconal training, and radio broadcast. World Renew supports the ECRH by providing advice and consultation to its deacons. Through this support, ECRH is able to better meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in the communities around their churches. ECRH is also involved in literacy, environmental awareness, and AIDS prevention.

MDK offers a three-year program to provide practical and theological training to pastors, deacons, and church leaders for the benefit of the churches and communities they serve. MDK also works at developing and distributing simple Bible study and discipleship materials in the Creole language.

MDK was formed from three programs that had formerly been run by Christian Reformed World Missions. When MDK made the shift to functioning as its own agency, they asked World Renew to come alongside them to offer advice and support, especially in the areas of diaconal training, AIDS prevention, and community development.

PcH has been active in Haiti for 30 years in agricultural development and food security. For three decades, PcH has focused its energy and expertise in four of the ten ‘Departments’ (provinces) – Ouest, Artibonite, Nord-Est, and Grand’Anse. Inherent in its mission is the promotion of self-respect through productivity, ownership, and self-reliance. PcH fosters economic development and social transformation in rural communities through the productive agricultural cooperative model.

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