World Renew has been working in Haiti since 1975.


World Renew has been working in Haiti since 1975.

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An incredible artistic tradition, cloud forests, and unique culture are just some of the lesser-known aspects of Haiti. The first Caribbean nation to attain sovereignty, Haiti’s has been marred by corruption, violence, and poverty. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The country continues to be plagued by issues of personal security, economic decline, and questionable governing. 


World Renew continues to respond to the impact of COVID-19 in Haiti thanks to a food aid response orchestrated with a local partner. Prevention and mitigation measures taken this summer to control the spread of COVID-19 through radio programming, the provision of soaps and hand sanitizer as well as training community and church leaders to lead awareness campaigns have played their part in minimizing the spread of the virus within the country.

This fall, much attention has turned from the virus to the ongoing political unrest experienced in the country as well as the destruction caused by Hurricane Laura.

Even so, restrictions continue on group gatherings and wearing a mask is requested nationwide. World Renew staff continue working from home, with limited, planned visits to the office. Partners also continue to implement their projects through small gatherings and telework.

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Partners in Haiti

Program for Training Diaconal Organizations (PWOFOD) PWOFOD works with churches in urban Port-au-Prince neighborhoods. Through PWOFOD programs, church deacons are trained to reach out to people in the community. PWOFOD also helps churches start small-loan programs for business owners, and literacy classes for adults.

The CRC of Haiti is involved in youth ministries, developing church leadership, evangelism, women’s programs, diaconal training, and radio broadcast. World Renew supports the ECRH by providing advice and consultation to its deacons. Through this support, ECRH is able to better meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in the communities around their churches. ECRH is also involved in literacy, environmental awareness, and AIDS prevention.

MDK offers a three-year program to provide practical and theological training to pastors, deacons, and church leaders for the benefit of the churches and communities they serve. MDK also works at developing and distributing simple Bible study and discipleship materials in the Creole language.

MDK was formed from three programs that had formerly been run by Christian Reformed World Missions. When MDK made the shift to functioning as its own agency, they asked World Renew to come alongside them to offer advice and support, especially in the areas of diaconal training, AIDS prevention, and community development.

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